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My Mom was a big movie fan, especially of actor Gary Cooper, so she named me Gary.  The first film I remember seeing in the theater was a great WWII film starring Burt Lancaster, The Train.  I've always loved movies and with the advent and maturation of streaming video on demand, it's possible to explore and experience films as never before, which I love.

I believe Providence put me in a position to market a film in 2008, titled, Lost Boy, which is a documentary on the life of Pastor Greg Laurie.  There was no real marketing budget, so I entered the film into Christian film festivals, hoping it would be nominated, so I could use the parenthetical wreaths festivals allow you to use in marketing (Example: Nominee: Best Picture).  The film ended up winning eight international film festivals awards!

Next, and also through my work as a Director at Greg Laurie's Harvest Ministries, I acted as an Executive Producer and Marketing Director for the film Hope for Hurting Hearts, then I helped produce and market the Erwin Brothers/Harvest film, Steve McQueen: American Icon, a Fathom Event shown on 1,000 screens that was profitable the day it premiered.

For seven years, I have been an Adjunct Professor at California Baptist University, teaching the Business of Film in the College of Architecture, Visual Arts and Design.  I have been blessed to help many people in the areas of marketing and production of their film.

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