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Gary Zelasko

My Story

I am the principal of Lasting City Marketing, a Chicago native with a degree in Marketing from the University of Illinois who has had the opportunity to live all over our great country in places like Atlanta, Baltimore, Tucson, the city of San Francisco and environs, Dana Point, California and now Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.  I've had a distinguished career in media, marketing, management, sales, film, ministry, higher education, entrepreneurial and intrepreneurial ventures.  I was blessed to be a principal and the primary mobilizer of an evangelistic event, which started as an idea around a kitchen table and resulted in nearly 40,00 people attending over a weekend and over 4,000 making a profession of faith in Christ...  All in the SF Bay Area!  


Click my LinkedIn profile tab on the homepage for more career detail.


I can help your organization by...

  •  Organically growing your audience and revenue/donor base

  • Creating content (copy, radio, video, film) that converts

  • Ideating, negotiating and closing in-kind strategic partnerships 

  • Strategizing and marketing your film production

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